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Chocolate Rescue Closes Angel Round Investment

Innovative Canine Medical Device Start-Up Successfully Closes Angel Round of Investment

Germantown, WI 8/10/2023 – Chocolate Rescue for Dogs - a pioneering animal health company - is pleased to announce the successful closure of its angel round of investment. The round features investments from executives and leaders in the pet industry.

Chocolate Rescue for Dogs’ medical device is poised to revolutionize the way dog owners prepare for the most common type of canine poisoning – chocolate! The cutting-edge technology aims to be the first line of defense by safely and efficiently absorbing the toxins in chocolate. This will lead to better outcomes and improved quality of life for our beloved pets by providing a quick, first-line intervention while a pet owner decides their next course of action.

"We are thrilled and humbled by the overwhelming support we have received from our investors," said Amadeus Benitez, Co-Founder and CEO of Chocolate Rescue for Dogs. "This funding will enable us to accelerate our product launch and take significant steps towards expanding our company’s reach. Our mission is to prevent death and harm from common poisonings, and this investment brings us one step closer to realizing that vision."

The medical device leverages generally recognized as safe ingredients that have years of successful use in production animals. It physically attracts and encapsulates caffeine and theobromine – the two toxins in chocolate - while remaining unreactive to other molecules. The device is expected to significantly improve the overall health and well-being of dogs of various breeds and ages.

Chocolate Rescue for Dogs will use the initial funding to develop its supply chain, build inventory, and test launch the product with a select pet retailer. The full commercial launch will follow within the next 6 months.

The angel investors who participated in this initial round were attracted by the tremendous market potential and were impressed by the dedication and expertise of Chocolate Rescue for Dogs’ team. The company's strong focus on animal welfare, coupled with a passion for innovation, has positioned it as a leader in the rapidly evolving field of canine medical technology.

The successful angel round of investment represents a significant milestone in the company's journey, laying a solid foundation for future growth and development. The team is committed to delivering on its promise of advancing the well-being of dogs and providing pet owners with invaluable tools to ensure happier, healthier lives for our canine companions.

For more information about Chocolate Rescue for Dogs and its revolutionary canine medical device, see

About Chocolate Rescue for Dogs: Chocolate Rescue for Dogs is a pioneering medical device company dedicated to transforming healthcare through innovative technology. The company's advanced device aims to enhance early intervention in common pet poisonings, improving the overall well-being of our four-legged friends. With a team of passionate experts and a commitment to excellence, Chocolate Rescue for Dogs is poised to make a significant impact in the pet industry.

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The Story Behind Leo


At around 11pm in December 2021, Amadeus came home to find his golden retriever standing over an empty bag of baker’s dark chocolate. Quickly Googling “how much chocolate is fatal for a dog”, instead of any clear answers, he found confusing online calculators. However, he did find one useful bit of info – hydrogen peroxide could make a dog throw up…

After frantically asking his neighbors for hydrogen peroxide, he forced the recommended amount into Leo’s mouth and held it shut, and waited… Leo looked confused and sad, but did not throw up. Twice more, the recommended dose was forced down Leo’s throat. Again, no effect. Later, the emergency vet would share that only 50% of dog’s react to hydrogen peroxide – something the website didn’t mention.


Now, with hydrogen peroxide burning through Leo’s stomach and chocolate quickly being absorbed, Amadeus skipped the $95 pet poison hotline and called a local emergency vet directly. After hearing Leo’s size and how much chocolate he ate, they said in no unclear terms that Leo needed to be rushed in immediately. Luckily, the vet was only a short drive away, and open 24/7 because Leo had no chance of living through the night.


After about six hours at the emergency vet, Amadeus was allowed to see Leo again. The truth was, he didn’t know if he would ever get to see him again, and was overjoyed to pay the nearly $500 bill.


The next day, though, Amadeus realized something – vet bills are expensive! And what’s worse, there was nothing stopping this from happening again, so he decided to hop online and buy whatever product for chocolate poisoning he could find. Just one problem – none existed! And here’s where fate came into play…


Amadeus’ dream was to become a patent attorney and help young scientists retain ownership of their inventions without breaking the bank, and he was only three short weeks from opening his own practice. However, a worldwide patent search returned the amazing result - nothing had ever been developed for dog chocolate poisoning. 


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Chocolate Rescue for Dogs Featured on CBS58

Amadeus Benitez, co-founder of Essential Research, LLC, was featured on CBS58 in January 2023. The story features Amadeus and his dog, Leo, speaking about how Chocolate Rescue for Dogs was developed, how it is used, and where the product can be found.

Full story can be found here:

A couple photos from behind the scenes.



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Washington County Daily News Features Chocolate Rescue for Dogs

Washington County Daily News Features Chocolate Rescue for Dogs in its November 25, 2022 edition of its paper. Read more here!