How it Works

Dr. Carrie Cook, Ph.D.

Can you give a short introduction?

I have a doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Wisconsin Madison.  Before joining Chocolate Rescue for Dogs, I worked in biotech for 25 years, mostly on medical and nutritional product development.

Very simply, can you explain how Chocolate Rescue for Dogs works?

The reason why chocolate is so bad for dogs is because cocoa naturally contains compounds like theobromine and caffeine, which are fine for people, but are toxic to dogs and many other animals.  The way this product works is by blocking the adsorption of this family of chemicals into the bloodstream.  The product, Chocolate Rescue for Dogs, contains a very specific mineral substance that soaks up chocolate toxins in the intestinal tract and holds onto them until they are naturally eliminated in the feces.  Neither the mineral nor its toxic payload are metabolized.  

Why would you recommend Chocolate Rescue as the first response to a dog eating chocolate?

It's extremely safe, gets to work immediately, and does not interfere with any other sort of treatment a veterinarian might pursue for extreme cases of chocolate toxicosis. I definitely recommend using Chocolate Rescue for Dogs right away if someone knows or even suspects their dog has consumed chocolate.

Has your dog taste-tested Chocolate Rescue? and what did he think? 

Oh yes.  Our goldendoodle Cadeau is an enthusiastic taste-tester for the product.  He readily ate even our early versions, but now that we've increased the amount of beef liver powder in the product, he is very happy to eat whatever scraps I might take home.

Anything else you want to add?

As a product development scientist, I really appreciate how this product showcases the multidisciplinary approach that is behind many of the big success stories in the biotech industry.  It starts with a clear need: a fast-acting, at-home response for cases of chocolate poisoning.  Then, informed by physiology, chemistry, and advanced materials, we take something originally designed for one purpose and apply it to an entirely new purpose.  Finally, we apply food science and best manufacturing practices to arrive at an extremely accessible, effectual consumer product.