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Chocolate Rescue for Dogs

$49.99 USD

Be Prepared for When Your Dog Accidently Eats Chocolate

Dog-Approved Taste

Safe, Effective, Easy-to-Use

For dogs up to 95 lbs.

  • Sku: 100001
  • Vendor: Essential Research, LLC

Product description

The first and only at-home remedy for chocolate ingestion in dogs. The beef soft-chew is safe, effective, and easy to use.

Safe - Product uses only FDA Generally Regarded as Safe materials, meaning the ingredients have a long history of safety in both humans and animals.

Effective - Product quickly absorbs the toxins in chocolate while remaining unreactive to other substances.

Easy to Use - Chocolate Rescue for Dogs is given like a treat and tastes to good that even the most selective eaters will happily take

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Chocolate Rescue for Dogs

$49.99 USD