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Chocolate Rescue for Dogs - 2 Pack Chewable

$19.99 USD

Be Prepared for When Your Dog Accidently Eats Chocolate

Veterinarian Recommended

Safe, Works Fast, Easy-to-Use

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Product description

The First Line of Defense Against Chocolate Poisoning

Veterinarian Recommended!

The beef flavored soft-chew is safe and easy to use. If you suspect your dog has eaten chocolate, refer to the size guide and give the the chewable. Product will safely encapsulate and on hold to the toxins in chocolate while you determine the next step.

Dogs up to 10lbs: 1/2 treat

Dogs up to 35lbs: 1 treat

Dogs over 35lbs: 2 treats

Safe - Product uses only high quality Generally Recognized as Safe and AAFCO-approved  ingredients which have a long history of safety in both humans and animals.

Works Fast - Product quickly absorbs the toxins in chocolate while remaining unreactive to other substances.

Easy to Use - Chocolate Rescue for Dogs is given like a treat and tastes so good that even the most selective eaters will happily take.

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Chocolate Rescue for Dogs - 2 Pack Chewable

$19.99 USD

Customer Reviews

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Sage Lewis
Chocolate Company and Chocolate Rescue

I'm elated to have found these fellow Madison grads and this amazing product! We have a chocolate business, and I also work with animals, so this is a perfect paring for our chocolate! Sage Lewis, Tie Dye Dragonfly Cacao & Dancing Porcupine

Pamela Harper
Have not needed to use yet

Nice to have something on hand for “just in case” one of the dogs eats chocolate.

Great price for Peace of Mind

I purchsed this from your startup at a dog show in Milwaukee WI
It was great to talk with you to see how important this was to you to develop a product NO ONE with a dog should be Without!
I'd say to everyong... Buy a bunch and give them as gifts to anyone you can.
Thank you for developing this product and for saving pups lives!

Kim Huss
Peace of Mind

What a great product! I bought enough for both our dogs as a "just in case". We have spent way too much $$ on emergency vet visits. This will be a literal lifesaver!

Todd Newton

My 8 month old puppy snuck an entire box of chocolate chip cookies into the back yard and ate the whole box. Not a crumb left and I didn't discover what happened until several hours later. One CR biscuit took care of the issue with no ill effects. Literally nothing but one runny poo the next day. For the cost of this product, it's amazing that it's not in every dog owners home. It'll always be in mine from here on out.