There are two chemicals in chocolate that are toxic to dogs: caffeine and theobromine. Dogs are not able to digest these chemicals like humans. If left untreated, the toxins can lead to excessive heart rates, seizures, and potential death. 

Caffeine and theobromine are absorbed in the stomach, so a fast response is needed to prevent harm to your dog.

Chocolate Rescue for Dogs quickly and efficiently encapsulates the toxins in chocolate — the encapsulated toxins safely pass through your dog's digestive system. The active ingredients specifically affect the toxins but remain unreactive to other molecules, so there are few, if any, side effects.


Why Chocolate Rescue?

Be Prepared - Now

It's Safe

Chocolate Rescue binds to the toxins in chocolate and then safely passes through your dog's digestive system.

It Works Fast

Within seconds, Chocolate Rescue for Dogs will start absorbing and encapsulating the toxins.

It Tastes Good

Delicious, beef-flavored soft chew means your dog will eat the remedy and will enjoy it, too.

Be Ready

Dogs and Chocolate Don't Mix

Be Ready

Dogs and Chocolate Don't Mix

Each year, tens of thousands of dogs are hospitalized because of chocolate poisoning. But, being careful is not enough. You never know when a child may innocently share a chocolate candy with your dog or a wrapped chocolate treat may be left unattended and ingested by your dog. Be ready with Chocolate Rescue for Dogs.

Easy Use: Simply feed your dog one chew after suspected chocolate ingestion.

Easy Access: Chews can go anywhere you take your four-legged family member.

Easy Peace of Mind: Multiple chews per pack means you’re prepared for repeat incidents, or multiple dog households.

Fast Facts

Did you know?


85% of people believe their dog is a family member


Only 8% of people know how much chocolate could be deadly to their dog


A mere 12% of people believe they would know what to do if their dog ate chocolate


82% of people know a dog treated for chocolate ingestion

The first and only at-home remedy for chocolate ingestion in dogs.

Safe, fast-acting, and delicious for your dog

Peace of mind for your family and four-legged friend

Your Questions Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to give Chocolate Rescue within a certain timeframe after my dog has eaten chocolate?

It's safe to give Chocolate Rescue to your dog even if you don't know the exact time of consumption. The sooner, the better, and ideally within 1 hour.

How much do I give my dog?

At least one chew per chocolate incident, per dog. Chocolate Rescue's active ingredient will nullify large amounts of the most concentrated chocolate.

Is it possible to give too much Chocolate Rescue to my dog?

No! Chocolate Rescue will safely pass through your dog's digestive system even if there is little or no chocolate present. 

How fast does it work?

Chocolate Rescue can work in as little as 1 minute.

Do I still need to contact my vet?

Yes. This product is not a substitute for veterinary care. Please follow your vet's instructions on treatment.

From the Pet Owners (Because Dogs Can't Talk)


Our dog always gets into something

Our mischievous corgi, McFly, seems to always be getting into something. When it's chocolate we panic. The nearest emergency vet is almost an hour away. Having this on hand gives us peace of mind that we can handle whatever McFly gets into next.

— Aaron H., Wisconsin

Get it.

As someone who dropped $3,000 on vet bills after a dog ingested something it shouldn't, sign me up for 2!

— Steph M. California

If You Have a Dog,
You Need Chocolate Rescue