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Vet Recommended - Chocolate Rescue for Dogs


Amadeus: Hi, I am Amadeus Benitez, inventor of Chocolate Rescue for Dogs.

Dr. Welch: Hi, I am Dr. Chris Welch, small animal emergency veterinarian for 22 years in southeastern Wisconsin.

Amadeus: So Chris, what is the most common reason for pet poisoning that you see in your clinic?

Dr. Welch: Probably through the years in emergency medicine, chocolate has to be by far and large, number one. Many, many dogs not just around the holidays get into chocolate and it is a very common daily phone call, and even at pet poison control easily the number one toxin.

Amadeus: How do the pet parents feel when they bring their dog in for chocolate ingestion?

Dr. Welch: Good question, in general, pretty panicky. We have all heard [of chocolate] toxicity and what it can do to dogs, especially certain types of chocolate. So, it is usually a pretty tense moment when they are bringing their pet in.

Amadeus: I could imagine, very scary.  So would you recommend Chocolate Rescue for Dogs?

Dr. Welch: Yes, emphatically. Chocolate Rescue for Dogs has been something that we know can mitigate some of the effects of chocolate ingestion and bind up some of the toxins in it – caffeine and theobromine – which we know cause the problems. So highly recommended.